Monday, November 15, 2010

Blessings of Quiet Time

Leslie Ludy is quickly becoming one of my favorite women to hear speak. I have written about her before but she is the author of many books including Authentic Beauty, which I read on this trip. She has a website called that I would highly encourage every young woman to go to. She has an amazing ministry dedicated to young women and also one with her husband focusing on training the next generation to be set apart Christians. Her message is Biblical, bold, and extremely convicting.

Today I listened to one of her talks on set apart femininity. She made so many strong points that took me aback and really made me rethink my relationship with the Lord. One of the ones that stuck out was when she made the statement that many Christians today feel like they aren’t close to God and wonder why. She explained that God says seek Him with our whole heart and we will find Him. The key words there are whole heart. Most of us have so many distractions in our lives and idols that we cling to. Because of this many Christians are not allowing God to have their entire heart and really take control of their lives. I prayerfully spent some time trying to dig up those areas of my life that I am holding back and keep from Gods hands. Leslie also challenged listeners to ask themselves these questions:
1. Where do I spend the best hours of my day?
2. Where do I turn for rest/enjoyment/pleasure?
3. Are there things in my life besides Jesus that I can’t give up?

I really want to work on giving God the best hours of my day. Not just my morning hours, but all of the best hours. To do this I am going to have to remove some of the distractions like facebook, favorite TV shows, and even listening to music. But to truly put Jesus first in my life it requires giving him the best hours.

There was so much wisdom and encouragement in Leslie’s talk today. I just wanted to share a little bit about what’s going on in my head and heart.

When I wake up tomorrow there will be 5 days left! We are staying in Mexico City tonight and heading back to Cuernavaca tomorrow. Today we toured a basilica, ancient ruin site, had lunch at a nice restaurant, went up in a tower to get a wide view of Mexico City and had Pizza Hut for dinner. All in all it was a pretty good day.
Can’t wait to be back in the States!

See you soon,
Love Shelby

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