Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best Day Ever!!

Yesterday was the best day and a great final hurrah to being abroad in Mexico. Four of my friends went with me to get tickets for the Harry Potter movie. The newest movie premiers tonight in the U.S. and England but in Mexico it premiered YESTERDAY!! So we went to get tickets and found out that all were sold out except for the spanish dubbed version. We thought we would get those tickets and see if they would let us into the english theatre. We spent the 6 hours before the movie at a very Americanized mall (love it!!). I got to eat McDonalds, play with a golden retriever puppy at a pet store, have a Starbucks drink, play with the ipad, and just enjoy the day. It was just what I needed! Then before the movie started we headed over and got in line. We were SO lucky that they let us go into the english theatre because we were "gringos" or white people. The movie was great and I got to see it a day early!!

Today we have a migration panel and then tomorrow is our last day of class YAHOO!!! Sunday we fly out around 3 and get home at 11. I'm so excited I can't even stand it! Thanks for following me in all my travels and praying for me along the way. I love you all!

See you soon,

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